Educational Seminars

Plasco Network Sales offers a series of educational seminars and workshops specifically tailored for education about the plastics industry. Our seminars and workshops are ideal for organizations looking to learn more about how to deal effectively with plastics companies as well as for plastics companies looking to educate their employees on various aspects of plastics education and training.

Here are some of our most popular seminars and workshops:

Seminars for Industry Plastics 101 a Plastics Primer

Choosing the Right Plastic Material and Process

How to Quote Plastic Parts

Plastics Project Management - The Basics

Purchasing Standards for Injection Molds

Understanding Why Parts Fail


Seminars for Plastics Companies Plastic Materials -Basics

Plastic Materials -Advanced

Understanding Data Sheets

The Sales Function

The Injection Molding Cycle

Thin Wall Molding


Workshops  Sales Motivational Tools - Basic

Sales Motivational Tools - Advanced

For information on pricing, availabilty or to schedule an on-site seminar / workshop, please contact us.

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