Specialty Products and Services


Plasco Network Sales can supply a broad line of small components for the electronics / semiconductor industry.

These products are ESD protected and are custom manufactured to your specifications.

They include, but are not limited to:





Product Services:

Customized specifications:  Supply us a print or sketch and we can quote you the finished product.

Design Assistance: We can work from sketches, CAD drawings, or any other design program.

Prototyping: Solid works, SLA, machining, and all other rapid prototyping is offered.


Mold Making: PNS has in-house mold-making with a toolroom capable of fabricating all types of injection molds.

All standard mold-making and tool and die manufacturing is done on the premises for control of delivery.

Injection Molding: PNS operates 6 injection molding presses ranging from 1/2 ounce 15 ton capacity to 4  ounce 50 ton capacity.

We specialize in small parts manufacturing, testing, and development.

All machines are fully supported with dryers, chillers, and all aspects of ancillary molding equipment.

Profile Extrusion: PNS offers custom profile extrusion for stock or custom shapes. 

We specialize in short and long runs with in-house die-making and have expertise in a variety of extrusion materials.

Assembly: PNS has the ability to assemble, drill,  tap, machine, de-gate, insert, decorate, and provide custom packaging.

Design: Both Product Design and Mold Design is offered by PNS.

PNS provides this service in conjunction with a total package of concept-to-completion of your plastic components.


PNS offers consulting in the areas of Plastic Materials, Processing, Design, Invention Assistance, Concepts - to- Completion, Failure Analysis, and most other  aspects of plastics analysis and manufacturing troubleshooting.

While each project comes with its own set of unique problems and solution needs, PNS is only a phone call or a "click" away from a FREE initial consultation.

Testing: Independent Test Lab: PNS offers a completely independent test laboratory for plastic material failure analysis.

PNS can  recommend a course of action to improve the quality of   manufacturing, assembly and packaging.

First Article Inspections: We can assist OEM's, Designers, and Independent Tool and Die Makers in  providing a confidential First Article Inspection Report. 

PNS can also consult, on-site, at your 1st Article process to insure the success of the program.

Inventor Services: PNS offers a logical, step-by-step approach to the Inventor. 

Inventors can choose what amount of help they want at each step brining your product to market.


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